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Chiropractic Care


What is chiropractic?


Adjustments are used to restore motion in a joint that is not moving efficiently. Joints can become restricted from improper posture or muscle imbalances. With an adjustment, motion can be restored, and movement patterns can become more "normal" again. 

So why would I ever need to come back?

We may have restored motion for the time being, but what caused the problem in the first place? And how long will the adjustment last? It is our job to find the answers to those questions so that you are set up with the tools to fix your issue, and learn how to maintain that optimal "balance". 


Why come to CORE?

Dr. Bonanno and Dr. Karstens strive to be different from any typical chiropractor. With training from some of the best chiropractors in the country, we have exceeded the standards of what chiropractors are thought to do.

We include nutritional guidance, lifestyle enhancement, and rehabilitation into our treatment plans to find the root cause of your complaint. We know adjustments will not fix everything, and we are here to help you become better as a whole individual.  


Nutrition Support

Nutrition is an important part of the recovery process. We are partnered with Fullscript to provide high quality products at a discounted rate. Along with proper diet choices, this can aid in lasting results that support a healthier, more active lifestyle. 

Ready to start your journey?

Restore Function + Enhance Your Lifestyle


Better Than Before.

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